About us

The Ržen organic farm is located near the foothills of Pohorje, in the hills of Šentjanža near Dravograd...

About us

The Ržen Organic Farm is located near the foothills of Pohorje, specifically in the hills of Šentjanža near Dravograd.

We are proud to be a farm light years away from the hustle and bustle of the city and its everyday life. We live in unspoilt nature in the true sense of the word. We have been certified organic for over 20 years. Here, the sunny location offers an excellent opportunity for subsistence and long-term farming.

Heaven on Earth, one might say.

And that’s where chilli comes in. My girlfriend and her whole family are real chilli fanatics. When we met, after a few dates, we went out for a romantic dinner. I got the main course and, knowing she was a chilli lover, I asked the waiter to bring the chilli sauces. Naturally, I reached for the strongest one. I threw away half the food in tears, but at least she had a great time. After a couple of weeks, of course, I met her whole family and my chilli father-in-law. Bandos (that’s what we call him) immediately showed me his mini chilli greenhouse, where the chillies were flourishing. And that’s when I got the idea …


Our mission is to become the company of choice for the production of hot food additives.

Getting started

We started with twelve chilli pepper seedlings that my brother gave me for my birthday. Today, we grow several different types of chilli and around 500 seedlings in our greenhouse on our organic farm.

We make our chilli products according to a special homemade recipe and market them under our Pohorc BIO Chilli brand.

Most of the ingredients used to make our baked products are produced in a proven organic way on our farm.

“Here, every plant, from germination to fruit, has a name”

Our objectives


We strive for quality and innovative products.


We earn the trust of our customers with quality products.


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