Cold-pressed fresh organic chili oil


Because we offer only the best, we have decided to prepare a true harmony for your culinary masterpieces


Because we offer only the best, we have decided to prepare a true harmony for your culinary masterpieces.


We spent some time thinking about which oil to choose. We were looking for something neutral, something fresh, something where the flavor of chili would prevail and, of course, most importantly, something grown on our farm.

We decided on cold-pressed sunflower oil. We use our organic sunflower seeds, grown in fields still untouched by nature, to produce this oil. The seeds are sorted by hand before pressing. The oil is left to infuse for a day or two before being poured, without filtering, into bottles which have already been filled with naturally dried and specially selected chilis. To develop a heavenly harmony, the contents are sealed and left to rest for 14 days. Every two days, the bottle is gently stirred. When the oil turns slightly red, it is ready to use.

It is excellent as a topping on pizzas, pasta and risotto. You can simply fry eggs in it or use it to cook a variety of dishes. It is also recommended as a condiment for sauces and marinades or as a salad dressing.

As a point of interest, it contains monounsaturated fatty acids, 90% of which are OMEGA 9.

Bon appétit !

Store in a cool, dark place. Shake well before use. After opening, keep refrigerated for up to 6 months.



Sunflower oil

*the ingredients are of organic origin

All ingredients come from our eco farm.

Gluten and additive free, vegan friendly.

The oil is always used fresh.

Contents: 250ml


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Cold-pressed fresh organic chili oil